Washing & Trade In Curtains

A curtain that does not wash for a year is actually dirty than a toilet?!

Do you know how long the curtains should be washed?

Didn’t you wash your curtains for a long time? Or didn’t you ever wash it?

In fact, you don’t know that the curtains should be washed, but you’ve got a lot of problems every time you want to wash your curtains.

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Problems in Cleaning Curtains

  • The curtains are too big, too heavy, they need a lot of effort to get it down, and it’s hard to hang out after washing.

  • Not all fabrics can be put into the washing machine, and what can be done?

  • Hard to find a suitable place to dry the washed curtain in large quantities?

  • Dirty curtains that have not been cleaned for a long time have caused problems in family health! (asthma, red eyes, skin sensitivity, etc.)

  • Want to change the new curtains but it is wasteful to throw away old curtains.

  • In fact, your home curtain should be cleaned twice a year!

Our Solutions

  • We are a team of professionals and experts in fixing, dismantling all types of curtains. We are committed and will ensure that all of our works are clean and safe.

  • We are using a cleaning kit which is specially designed for Curtains and is an environmentally friendly solution. This ensures your curtain is safe to be used at home without harming children around as it does not contain any toxic liquid.

  • All curtains are dried according to the types of fabric. We ensure that your curtains are washed, dried and last longer.

Steps to Clean Curtains

  • Remove Curtains

    Before the curtains are removed, the dust on the surface of the curtains should be carefully removed with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner.

    Use specialized tools during the disassembly process. Do not use brute force if it is difficult to disassemble. Otherwise, some small parts can easily fall.

  • Curtain Soak Tips

    Cleaning agents should be selected according to the material of the product itself. Generally, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent. Acidic or alkaline liquids will cause some damage to the fibers inside the fabric.

    The soaking time of different materials is also different. The soaking time is generally between 15-60 minutes. The linen is thicker and heavier, generally soaked for more than one hour.

    * Soaking in warm water can greatly shorten the soaking time, and it is more convenient and quick in washing.

  • Note

    With velvet, silk fabrics & high-grade fiber cloth should not use automatic washing machine washing, it is recommended hand wash / dry cleaning. This kind of fabric fiber is delicate, it is too easy to cause fracture if you use the mechanical force.

  • Curtain Drying

    When drying, avoid direct sunlight on the fabric. Dry it in a cool and ventilated place and allow the curtains to dry on their own. When drying, the opposite side of the curtain should be air-dried to avoid discoloration.

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