Motorised Systems

Make your home environment beautiful yet functional with our Kirov Motorised Curtain System. Tailor made just like our curtains, the system is fully customisable to match the requirements of your home or living space.

Rid yourself of the need to manually open and close your curtains, especially large heavy ones where it is somewhat of a chore to move them.

The curtain system also makes opening and closing curtains to be a smooth affair, eliminating frustrations especially when the curtain hook snags on the railing, which is a common occurrence when opening and closing manually.

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  • Battery Operatable

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  • High Load Capacity

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  • Remote Control

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  • Smooth Operations

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  • Low Maintenance

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  • Silent Operations

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  • Obstacle Stop

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  • Manual Openings

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Technical Specifications

Motor SpecificationsTrack SpecificationsModule TypesRemote & Switch
Rated Torque 1NM
Nominal Voltage 230v
Nominal Consumption 60w
Running Noise 35db
Max Load 50kg
Radio Distance >50m
Warranty 3 Years
Track Length
  • 4m
  • 6m
  • 8m
Maximum Load 50kg
Track Types
  • Straight
  • Curved
  • L Shape
  • N Shape
  • Center Opening
  • Subsidiary Opening
  • Carrier
  • Ceiling Brackets
  • Hook
  • Belt
  • Track
  • Runners
  • Connectors
Working Distance 50m
Channels 1 or 6

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